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    Terminative 3 Attitude

    Post by Hugo on Mon May 16, 2011 6:42 am

    Try to always:

    Act mature and assertive.
    Not instantly judge others.
    Think before you speak / type.
    Learn to separate 'lolz' and 'serious business'.
    Observe, adjust, reflect and learn at all times.
    Pay attention to the game, not the chat.
    Deal with criticism.
    Avoid impulsive behaviour.
    Let your actions speak, instead of your mouth.

    Accept that not everyone has the same knowledge as you do.
    Make time for JK3. Implement it into your life in a structural way.
    Respect the effort which others make.
    Not talk behind peoples back. Be direct and honest.

    Do not let hope lead your way, be constructive.
    Never stick to one person or way.
    Enjoy and take enough rest.

    Be a gentleman, it's about how you win. Not if you win.
    Try to focus on your own development and feelings.
    Try to always ask yourself questions, adjust and change.

    Look forward & have fun.
    Good luck. ::coool::

    Terminative 3 Management,
    LoK, Kaldor, Malak, Hugo.





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