Terminative 3 Exams

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    Terminative 3 Exams

    Post by Hugo on Mon May 16, 2011 11:46 am

    An exam is always done by a Grand Master or a Master (sometimes Masters). Instructors make sure that the students are ready and may coach them during an exam. Knights are also allowed to coach during an exam (in case they trained someone outside the regular classes (Knight - Student). Obviously the Grand Master or Master who had a Master - Student or Master - Instructor / Knight relation or recommended someone to take an exam, will not be the Master or GM who takes the exam. There must also always be one observer on the server. The M or GM will be responsable for contacting the website admin for rank changes and also for the quality of t3 educated JK3 players. If the Grand Masters / Masters or t3 founders find there to be something wrong, he / she will be held responsible and may have to defend their decision. In the most negative case, decisions of poor quality can lead to a demotion / kick / ban. Decisions like that are made by voting. The two founders of Terminative 3 both have 1 veto.

    In here you can request an exam and you will find all the scheduled exams / level requirements:

    Exam (level) requirements
    Request an exam / level up


    edit: exams are done using Mumble (server page). You will have to download the client so that you can listen to the examinator explaining and if you like, also talk back over the voice chat (or ingame).





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