For your consideration ...

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    For your consideration ...

    Post by Hugo on Mon May 16, 2011 12:01 pm

    One of the most common problems in Jedi Knight Academy Gaming (but also in gaming as a whole) is that people play for a few days or weeks and then dissapear. Therefore we'd like you to think for a moment about whether you will be able to join in on a class once a week or play with other people once a week on our server(s)? Because if you are not able to do so, but you DO start bugging our people a lot and then dissapear. You'll only cost us time and effort, which we hate. Because remember, behind these PC's and MAC's are sitting real people.

    Tips on keeping your activity up:

    1. Be realistic. How much spare time have I got, and when?
    2. Be constructive and create your 'JKA' gaming hour or day in a week.
    3. Try to be able to join in at class moments (post in the course topics).
    4. Don't be passive, post on the forums and ask other people for their contact information.
    5. Join the Terminative 3 IRC channel, Voice-chat and x-fire group.

    Idea's on this matter are welcome.
    Just post in this forum ::smile::





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