Terminative 3 Server Rules

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    Terminative 3 Server Rules

    Post by Hugo on Tue May 17, 2011 10:53 am

    1. Only speak ENGLISH in public, use private chat for other languages.
    2. Take duels to empty spaces, don't duel in the main ffa areas.
    3. /rate 25000 (in console = shift + ~)
    4. Preferably NO messing around with cl_timenudge unless you got high pings.
    5. Respect the admins and any other people.
    6. Act normal, if there is a problem, try to solve it without bugging the public with it.
    7. Show a bit of sportmanship when you win or lose. Be able to take critisism and be able to ignore people.

    There are NO rules regarding 'laming' (hurting (saber, guns, kicking), killing / hitting (melee) someone who is not in combat mode (saber turned off, no melee, no gun exposed)! We try to play as the game was intended. However, if you kill someone so much that he or she get's heavily annoyed, or when someone is clearly busy with something. You might get kicked / banned when this person reports you.
    When there is a TFFA or CTFPUG game going on, wait in spectate mode until the next round, or ask if you may join in. On t3home2: stay away from the secured admin area, unless you are a management member or allowed to enter the admin area. Don't bug people when they are training (with guns / sabers). During trainings, pay attention and keep your saber off.
    Further the following rules of course apply:

    NO flaming
    NO racist/sexual jokes
    DONT flame
    RESPECT all members on the server
    DONT act like a jerk
    DONT spam
    NO pr0n ::cryz::

    These rules apply on every t3 server. Got any problems with these rules or you think some rules are missing PM anyone that's moderator or admin and we'll look into it ::coool::

    PS: Of course crashing / filling the server will lead to an instant ban. Which will not be removed, unless you got a very good reason. Thought, the servers are naturally also protected against crashed and q3fill (and more) to prevent that from happening.





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