We're LIVE! | Reorganised

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    We're LIVE! | Reorganised

    Post by Hugo on Sat May 21, 2011 3:19 am

    Hello dear website members and t3/g3 veterans!

    The Terminative 3 Community has been reorganised and will from now on be known as Terminative 3 Education Centre. Everyone is now free to register and become a student at the Terminative 3 EC. All theory and downloads have been made accesable for the public. Everyone is now able to join in on classes and take exams to get higher up in the Terminative 3 Education System (The System) which stands for real high quality experience, not just some random ranks (check out the exam requirements!).

    Further the website has been updated with a new lay-out. An archive has been made and all the old information has been integrated for about 60% into the Education Centre. The rest is available for those who had acces to these forums in the archive! It has also been made much easier for guests to join and understand Terminative 3. Within 4 easy steps and a 'starters' forum you're totally up to date. We tried to keep it as simple as possible for everyone! (less reading, more action!). This last aspect has also been applied into the classes as to be given. We created a 'study' forum on which literature and tutorials will be added. I myself - Hugo - will write a lot of new theory down and I might create a demo - database as we go along.

    Last but not least. Lok has provided us with a new Terminative 3 server. We also managed to set up a Mumble server and the IRC channel is totally up to date again (#terminative3). You will now even be able to acces the webchat on the main portal and/or via a link on the 'chat' page more easily. No need for downloading applications! But if you feel like it, we got new links to excellent alternatives.

    All and all will this be the new start of an area. Terminative 3 has been active for at least 4 years now and I do believe that we are almost done developing this longterm project and on the path of great succes and enjoyment. Terminative 3 IS and stays a MUST for the public JK3 player who wants more and of course the people who want to be professionals. Go check out all the new stuff and enjoy!

    --> http://www.playjka.netgoo.org <--

    The Terminative 3 Management
    Hugo, Lok, Malak, Kronos



    PS: All t3 and g3 veterans have been given a level 3 student title (based on what I could remember and their activeness). Active people I have played a lot against have been granted a higher level, due to my certainty of their skills and knowledge (they'll notice in their next exam if I were right or wrong). To all the other people I say: Proof me wrong, hate your level 3, and therefore - follow classes and - take exams !!! Also, some tiny things are still on the 'to-do list', I expect everything to be fully operational within 2 months. If there are any problems or errors, please PM me. Me, Malak and LoK will be supporting the community with servers, the website and donations. But if you would like to get us stuff, don't hesitate and mail us! - Hugo

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    Beyond the living

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    Re: We're LIVE! | Reorganised

    Post by Destroyer on Mon May 23, 2011 8:24 pm

    The new site and system looks fine!
    Great job Hugo =)

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    Re: We're LIVE! | Reorganised

    Post by Exclusive on Sat May 28, 2011 5:00 am

    ye. nice =)

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    Re: We're LIVE! | Reorganised

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