July 7th update

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    July 7th update

    Post by Hugo on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:56 am

    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd post some news in here on what's going on. At the moment we finished the first course of basic works. Cered and overflow will probably do their level 4 exams and are then allowed to follow the advanced works. We will therefore probably also start the advanced works (level 4, 5) classes next week or the week after that. So if you feel like doing a level 4 exam, please post in the exam forum. Further the basic works course / classes have started over again. We currently got one student attending, which is weird. Because I know that there are more people out there. So if you feel like getting involved, having some regular training / teachings once a week or twice. Please join in. Then last but not least, Malak will probably return somewhere next week / at the end of this week. So that's also a good thing to look out for.

    We always like to see oldbies hanging around here.
    Alright I think that's about it.

    Good luck to the people doing exams in the upcoming days / weeks.
    And I will see you around on the servers and voicechat ::smile::






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