Will you train me Hugo?

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    Will you train me Hugo?

    Post by Hugo on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:26 am

    A newly registered student asked me; "if I wanted to train him / be his master".


    About the training, please read: http://playjka.netgoo.org/c15-starters and maybe also the portal information under "Terminative 3 EC" on our main page (text): http://www.playjka.netgoo.org

    We got classes, exams and dynamic training. I do not train new people outside of classes. But I do teach classes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As you can also read in the information I posted above. Please read the website carefully. Before you ask anymore questions. Also, we recommend you join in on IRC to ask questions and meet the members. Follow Kaldor's guide here: http://playjka.netgoo.org/t1294-how-do-i-connect-to-irc-important-info , or use the Webchat on the main page. Here: http://playjka.netgoo.org/t1140-how-to-connect-using-mumble , you find information on how to download and use Mumble (we use that in classes, so that the teacher can actually talk over the voicechat to the students).






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