Am I allowed to skip exams?

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    Am I allowed to skip exams?

    Post by Hugo on Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:43 am

    Short answer:

    Yes, you can skip like this:

    Basic works: instantly do a level 4 exam
    Advanced basics: instantly do a level 6 exam
    Expert works 1: instantly do a level 8 exam
    Expert works 2: instantly do a level 10 exam

    Level 11 and 12 and GM are dynamic teachings.

    You are always free to take an exam if you got the right level (and coach if needed). But be aware that our standards lay higher than what you think of probably, when you read the requirements. Therefore, I'd visit classes or simply teach yourself roughly by watching demos and asking fighters to help you or finding a Master (dynamic teachings and 1o1 unofficial teaching). As the system page shows. There is almost always a way to switch between functions and paths within the t3 organisation or player levels. It is also possible for anyone to start a 'career' in the organisation (see opened groups and "notes" on the system page).

    Long answer:


    "Is there a way that someone "tests" me to determine whether its rly necessary that i do the basic first exams? Or do i need to pass all exams whatever my skills are?"


    Well, as you can see the classes we got cover more than one level. Basic works is 1,2,3 and prepare for level 2,3,4 exams. Which means that the whole basic works can get you a maximum of a level 4 exam. So if you turn out to be a quick learner and already got some knowledge and experience. You will be able to do a level 4 exam instantly. The same counts for the other classes. Advanced basics prepares you for level 5,6. So you can do a level 6 exam. Expert works prepares you for level 7,8. So you can do a level 8 exam. Expert works 2, prepares you for a level 10 exam. So you will be able to do that as a maximum within that class. After the level 10 exam. There will be dynamic teachings if you feel like reaching to a level 12 and maybe even a Grand Master level. But trust me, you want to visit basic classes. Terminative 3 is 'higher' education. So our basics are not simply; "press this button to get this type of slash". We do also not teach tricks. We teach you objectively seen, basic aspects that we observed in the game and that you can put together, understand and use (distance, timing, movement, controle, movement vectors, power, combinations, speed, location, environment, damage factors, adjustment, mouse movement, predicting keypressing ..etc.. ) ::smile::

    The basic works is kinda where we also determine if someone is going to continue here. A good thing about basic works is that - when you finished it - everyone will be able to teach themselves in a basic way. Even if you were not to continue taking classes, you learn all the aspects and variables needed to teach yourself in JK:JA. Not everyone will reach this mindset (of self teaching). But we hand you the theory and explain / coach you into it. This is not seen as a requirement to pass the basic works exam(s) though.

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