Hi :D

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    Hi :D

    Post by ladix on Thu May 03, 2012 9:40 pm

    Hello. My name is Alexandru from Romania...well not much to say about me...i was palying jka3 1.0 for 3-4 mounths...from the first mounth someone showed me this nice site and I downloaded the t3home2 map. First I tryed to practice by myself only with some instruction from a friend...things worked pretty good but now i wanna try to be instructed from a gooder teacher. When the nice srevers on 1.0 fell no one from my friends who i knew stand on 1.0 so now i got the patch...i got the map...just need to watch at what srv it will be the classes Smile

    Hope to have some good training here ::fencing::
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    Re: Hi :D

    Post by Kaldor on Fri May 04, 2012 4:40 am

    Hey there ::smile::

    We're a little bit inactive in-game right now, but we're always around on IRC or Mumble. Due to timezones, there should always be someone around to chat with.

    Hopefully you will find our resources and classes helpful. Be sure to stick around on IRC or Mumble!

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