Happy Holidays (2013)

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    Happy Holidays (2013)

    Post by Hugo on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:20 am

    Hello everyone, Hugo from Terminative 3 speaking here.

    I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy 2013. You're reading this
    message because you are registered at playjka.netgoo.org. We've been
    around for at least five years now and many of you may know each other
    from the early days of the jedi knight series. Eventhough we all get older and
    do not always have time to game anymore, I hope the gamer in some of you
    is still alive and wishes to also put some time and effort into helping gaming in
    a structural way. Because I believe there is always time to game. You just
    have to want it and divide your energy.

    At Terminative 3 we play with people who think like that and therefore we are
    still always around on irc.quakenet.org (#terminative3). We've been working
    some on our opensaber modification, following competitive gaming, playing jka
    and other games together over the Terminative 3 Mumble (voice chat) server
    plus supporting and helping each other. You're always welcome to join in!
    Because for those of you who may not be around family and friends these
    days, it can become pretty lonely.

    irc client: http://playjka.netgoo.org/h1-kaldor-s-tutorials

    I'd again like to wish you lots of prosperity in 2013, and I hope to see a lot of
    new and old faces idling on our irc channel in the upcoming new year. That's
    my xmas wish, I hope yours may come true too in easy and/or difficult times.

    Have a good one!

    Hugo ::smile::






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