Jedi Academy goes Free Software

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    Jedi Academy goes Free Software

    Post by Kaldor on Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:58 pm

    Today is an excellent day for all members of the JKA community. Jedi Academy (and also JK2) have been licensed under the GNU GPL v2. The *entire game* is now completely Free and open source. Previously, only the bare minimum to create server modifications was accessible.

    Raz0r and others have already begun working on "OpenJKA", a new project which will be compatible with JKA at first. It will release a heavily patched "1.02" for JKA, and then eventually become a standalone open source JKA clone. The game will be ported natively to Linux (maybe even other OS's) along with its development tools. Hopefully, we will see a high-quality open source JKA clone somewhere down the road.

    My own opensaber modification will be ported to this new version of JKA (rebased on the new game's source) as soon as possible.


    JA Coders Community
    Github page for OpenJK (will include both JKA and JK2)
    #jacoders on Arloria
    #terminative3 on Quakenet
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    Re: Jedi Academy goes Free Software

    Post by Hugo on Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:09 am

    HOLY SHIT, just woke up. This is a beautiful day for JKA.
    Once the source has been cleaned up and patched I'm
    SO going to make sure that we implement: (server / client mod) and

    Maybe even create a more simple, less star wars oriented more e-sports based jedi knight.
    Also, jedi knight outcast might be very interesting to have a look at too. FUCK I'm pumped! Beautiful day for jka!





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