4v4 ctf ladder - playigl.com (sign up)

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    4v4 ctf ladder - playigl.com (sign up)

    Post by Hugo on Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:31 am

    Hello everyone who's interested in jka and competition.

    I've been given two weeks to proof to playigl.com that jka can be a viable small, niche,competitive community. What I am looking for is people who want to use the igl platform to play their matches in a regular but still casual way. Constant activity - also on a smaller scale - is priceless. Therefore I've started a ctf 4v4 competition because I feel it's most balanced and solid for competitive play (plus very active at the moment). However, ctf isn't everything. I know the saber community (dual and tdm) is much larger and I'm also looking into adding duel or tdm (saber). But before I do that, I need to know if people are interested. Best way of measuring that is by having people signed up as "free agents" in the Jedi Knight Academy competition ladder:

    Since playigl is a serious business that can make jka grow by a lot. I'd be very thankful if you could sign up and shared this information with anyone that plays / is interested in jka. No matter if you like TDM or CTF. By signing up on the website and creating teams / joining as a free agent, you show interest in competition. That's what we need ! So I'd like to ask anyone that is interested in competing within jka, to sign up as a free agent on http://www.playigl.com . Not just for ctf, but to measure the amount of interest in competitive jka.

    If enough people show interest and actively try to engage in matches. We might just be able to keep JKA on the board and develop a healthy competitive scene,supported by htttp://www.playigl.com that will also involve prices and professional broadcasting of games within the next couple of months. We're all about getting casual gamers interested in eSports and making smaller communities grow: eSports for everyone, from professionals to casuals and vice versa.

    This is a chance the jka community won't get again any time soon. So I'd be very thankful if you give it some of your time and sign up as an agent or with a team, to either already play matches in ctf, or idle around for when new ladders are created.

    Thank you for your attention

    Hugo Twaalfhoven

    Media Director at the International Gaming League
    Manager and admin at Terminative 3





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